FEMA I3D Signal duplicator for process signal with 4-ways isolation, DIN rail mount


Key Features

  • Process input: 4-20 mA, 0/10Vdc signal
  • Output signal: 2x 4/20mA
  • Excitation voltage: +15Vdc (max. 30mA)
  • Easy configuration
  • Universal Power Supply 24-240Vac/Dc
  • Galvanically isolated input, output & power circuit
  • Flexible DIN-rail mount


The FEMA I3P Series offers a range of isolated signal converters that are easily configurable, versatile and reliable for the most common industrial applications, at a low price. Its main characteristic is its versatility and the customisation option for applications.

The FEMA I3D Signal duplicator and signal converter for process signals for industrial applications. Accepts process signals in 4/20 mA and 0/10 Vdc, provides excitation voltage if needed. Dual output with 4/20 mA signals. Isolated 4 ways between power, input signal, output 1 and output 2.

The universal power supply from 24 to 240 Vac/dc ±10 %, isolated. Easy and fast configuration through configuration codes. Plug-in screw terminal connections. Functions to generate low and high output signals, to validate remote instrumentation. ‘Password’ function to block access to configuration. Designed for industrial environment for a wide range of applications, reduced cost, excellent quality and optional customisation.

The FEMA I3P Series offers an interesting price reduction in exchange for a simplification of the configuration compared to higher series, offering measurement accuracy of around 0.5% and 3 acquisitions per second. The I3P Series benefits from economies of scale, making use of high-quality components, feeds, boxes and procedures from higher-end series.