FR-2000 Series FRnet I/O Modules

FRnet is a two-wire serial communication bus, wired in a similar manner to an RS-485. FRnet device connection is achieved using a multi-drop method. Unlike most communication methods based on RS-485, this new method does not use the traditional
question/answer approach. Instead, it uses a fixed scan time to actively transmit data. Since there is no need for a CPU to process a communication protocol, FRnet can achieve high-speed data transmission in an isochronous manner.

FRnet I/O modules provide high transmission reliability, simple synchronization mechanisms, are Din-Rail mountable and support broadcasting. FRnet is an innovative industrial field bus offering high-speed deterministic I/O control, real I/O synchronization capabilities, non-protocol communication, and easy programming.

The FRnet line of products offers cutting edge technology for high speed digital data acquisition applications.

The FR series I/O module has an FRnet interface, which can be used as a distributed remote I/O module. The user can then easily daisy chain several FRnet modules together. FRnet I/O modules can work with PC, PAC systems.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.

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