The most versatile industrial IoT I/O modules ideal for cloud integration

OKSA Automation Limited proudly annouce the launch of a wide range of OPC UA I/O modules that are ideal for cloud integration for wider area data management systems.

The ICP DAS U-7500 series are industrial IoT Ethernet I/O modules that are equipped with a dual port Ethernet switch to seamlessly implement a daisy chain network topology; which eases set-up time, reduces cabling cost and removes the need for Ethernet switches in your industrial applications.

These OPC UA Server I/O modules also support MQTT client and Restful API communication functions simultanously, which links SCADA system and the cloud for remote monitoring with greater security. The U-7500 series allows the user to select the ideal networking mode needed for their application, allowing I/O values to be captured and securely transmitted to the cloud system or field control system, where the data can be displayed and analysed.

These IIoT Ethernet I/O modules are equpped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) function which provides greater flexibility and efficiency by simplifying system design, saves installation space and also reduces wiring and power socket costs.

The ICP DAS U-7500 series support logic function rule setting IF, THEN, ELSE; ideal for setting up logical condition or action for I/O and virtual point. A wider range of analog, digital and relay signals can be easily measured, monitored, analysed and controlled and also I/O data can be securely stored via the cloud.

Contact the OKSA tech team for more information about our broad range of industrial IoT I/O modules ideal for cloud integration.