The most compact, battery powered controller with 4G connectivity

The G-4510 series are compact machine-to-machine (M2M) programmable automation controllers (PAC) that are specifically designed for remote monitoring and control applications such as hydrologic/wind monitoring, asset management and tracking system.

This series of compact, intelligent controllers are equipped with a solar charger that allows them to be powered via a 12V battery; which makes them an ideal solution for remote/wayside monitoring applications. The built-in 4G communication module allows data to be wirelessly transmitted to a central location (SCADA system) for further analysis. Also, the optional GPS feature makes the G-4510 series suitable for vehicle management or maritime system applications.

The ICP DAS G-4510 series comes with a built-in 3 digital input, 3 digital output, 8 analog input and 1 relay output channel for seamless integration with a variety of sensors. The integrated RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports makes them easy to connect with serial devices. The compact design coupled with the Din-rail mountable feature makes the G-4510 series easy to integrate into wayside cabinets.