The Atop IO5202 series of industrial IoT remote I/O modules now available at OKSA

The IO5202 series are compact IIoT remote I/O modules that are specifically designed to integrate a variety of digital and analog signals (sensors) with PLCs or SCADA systems.

For applications where running cables can be impractical, the IO5202 series is equipped with WiFi capability which offer a cable-free solution; allowing for better scalability for the ever evolving industrial applications.

Offering a plug-and-play simplicity, the IO5202 series support numerous protocols including Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII, MQTT, MQTT over TLS and SNMP. By using the intelligent processing and publishing features of the IO5202 series, data can be polled, logged, or even automatically pushed when I/O status changes. Also, data can be pushed to connect and interact with a public or private cloud servers.

Supporting numerous configuration options to support various types of digital I/O, analog I/O, and relay applications, the IO5202 series has been designed for demanding industrial applications that require compact solutions whilst delivering high network performance. The IO5202 series also support a wide operating temperature range of -40ºC~70ºC and industrial EMC protection. The IO5202 series can perform under a variety of environmental conditions, such as power input voltage, shock, drop and vibration.

The IO5202 series are cost-effective solutions for integrating existing applications into an IIoT framework such as automated manufacturing, building management and control, and agricultural and irrigation systems. The compact design coupled with the Din-rail mountable feature makes the IO5202 series easy to integrate into wayside cabinets.