MDC-714i – The most versatile Modbus converter on the market

OKSA Automation Limited proudly launch the MDC-714i Modbus Data Concentrator developed by ICP DAS.

The MDC-714i Modbus data concentrator offers Modbus TCP masters the ability to send up to 250 Modbus RTU commands to read/write from/to Modbus slave devices via RS-232/485 interface, and up to 8 Modbus TCP masters are allowed to get the polled data via the Ethernet. The MDC-714i is equipped with an Ethernet port, a single RS-232 port and four RS-485 ports, the RS-485 interface comprised of single non-isolated and three isolated ports.

The Modbus TCP masters directly read/write the data in the MDC-714i device instead of polling each Modbus RTU slave device one by one; This unique feature not only makes the data on the RS-232/485 network shareable to multiple Modbus TCP masters but also shorten the time to read/write data from/to multiple Modbus RTU slave devices.

This versatile device is equipped with a built-in web-based user interface for easy configuration, remotely monitor and displays the status of the Modbus RTU slave devices. Editing the Modbus RTU commands for accessing the Modbus RTU slaves is simple and convenient with Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. Contact the OKSA tech team for more information the MDC-714i Modbus data concentrator.