WP-8828-CE7 8-slot Win-GRAF Based PAC with Cortex-A8 CPU & WinCE 7.0


Compared with traditional IPC + PLC solutions, ICP DAS WinPAC reduces overall system cost, space and gives you all the best features of IPC and PLC

Key Features

• Cortex-A8, 1GHz CPU
• 512 MB DDR3 and 256 MB Flash
• Windows CE 7.0 Professional
• Embedded Win-GRAF SoftLogic (IEC 61131-3)
• Hard Real-Time Capability
• VGA Port Output
• Modbus RTU/TCP (Master, Slave)
• Support eLogger HMI
• Redundant Power Inputs
• Operating Temperature: -25 °C ~ +75 °C



The ICP DAS WP-8828-CE7 is the new generation programmable automation controller that is equipped with Cortex-A8 CPU running a Windows CE 7.0 operating system. This controller has a variety of input/output ports (i.e. VGA, USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485) and a range of I/O modules that can be integrated with the WP-8828-CE7 for measurement and control industrial applications.

The benefits of running Windows CE 7.0 on this programmable automation controller includes hard real-time capability and achievable deterministic control. The WP-8828-CE7is capable of running WinGRAF (IEC 61131-3 Standard) software for developing logic control applications, and also supports MS VS 2008 software (VB .NET, C#) for HMI and data management applications.

The ICP DAS WP-8828-CE7 offer a broad range of optional communication interfaces such as CAN BUS, HART, PROFIBUS and GSM/GPRS/GPS for I/O expansion and communicating with other external devices.


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