TPD-280U-H 2.8″ Touch HMI Device with 1 x RS-485


Key Features

  • Cost effective
  • High-resolution color touch screen
  • RS-485 (including Self-Tuner)
  • RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • GUI design
  • Free HMIWorks development tool
  • Suppots C programming language and Ladder Logic
  • Supports the custom communication protocol (C language)
  • Modbus RTU protocol


The ICP DAS TPD-280 is a 2.8 inch mini touch HMI that is specifically designed for building and home automation. This device is equipped with high resolution TFT color touch screen and fits into a regular electrical wall-mount outlet. The TPD-280 can be seamlessly integrated with a variety remote  I/O modules to monitor and control devices to present a flexible (beautiful) and user-defined picture frames.

The TPD-280 is suitable for PLC users programming in Ladder Logic platform or general users familiar with C language environment. With the provided HMIWork software, users can  create a simple application program in 30 minutes for the range of  ICP DAS TPD mini HMI devices.