TG452-LQE-1W Industrial 4G IoT Edge Gateway with 2.4G WIFI, 3-LAN, 1-WAN, 1-TF Card Slot, 2- RS-232, 3-RS-485, 2-ADC, 2-DI & 2- DO (Relay)



  • Equipped with 2- RS-232, 3-RS-485, 2-ADC, 2-DI & 2- DO (Relay)
  • OpenWrt based Linux OS
  • Support 4G Network
  • Supports up to 32G (via Micro SD card) local data storage and backup
  • Support MQTT, Modbus RTU/TCP, TCP/UDP, HTTP, SNMP protocols
  • SMS alarm and AT command
  • Wide operating voltage: 5-35VDC
  • Operating temperature: -35°C~+75°C


The Bivocom TG452 Edge IoT gateways are specifically designed for data acquisition from diverse sensors and controllers with a capability of processing, analysing and data storage. Through 4G LTE cellular network, the TG452 gateway can transfer data acquired from field devices to a remote location under secure VPN tunnel. The Bivocom TG452 gateway has been widely used for water pump station, transportation monitoring, industry 4.0, HVAC, IoT and industrial automation applications.

The TG452 industrial 4G IoT Edge gateway is equipped with 256MB RAM, 1GB Flash, 2.4G WIFI, 3-LAN, 1-WAN and 1-TF card slot for data storage. This gateway is designed based on Openwrt which allow developers to use their own application based on Python or LUA with the TG452.

The Bivocom TG452 has rich interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, I/O functions which makes it an ideal solution for remote monitoring and control applications including hydrology, water resources, water pollution, water treatment, reservoir dam, mountain flood disaster, geological disaster, meteorology, environmental protection and new energy resources.