PISO-DA4U Universal PCI, 4-ch, 14-bit Isolated AO Board


Key Features

  • Universal PCI (3.3 V/5 V) Interface
  • 14-bit, 4-channel Analog Output
    • 2500 VDC Bus and Power Isolation Protection
    • Built-in DC/DC Converter with 3000 VDC Protection
    • Software Calibration
    • Two Timer-triggered Interrupt Sources
    • Double-buffered DA Latch
  • Supports Card ID (SMD Switch)
  • 16-channel 5 V/TTL Digital Output
  • 16-channel 5 V/TTL Digital Input
    • Pull-high and Pull-low Function for DI Channels


The ICP DAS PISO-DA4U is a 14-bit, 4-channel Analog Output board designed as an easy replacement for the PIO-DA series without requiring any modification to the software or the driver.

The ICP DAS PISO-DA4U provides an additional high-voltage isolation design that protects the Host PC from damage due to unexpected power surges, while the built-in high-quality isolation components provide the boards with 2500 VDC bus-type isolation. The voltage output range for the PISO-DA4U is from -10 V to +10 V, and the current output range is from 0 to 20 mA.

In addition, the PISO-DA4U also features the following innovative advantages:

1. Accurate and easy-to-use calibration:
ICP DAS provides a software calibration function rather than manual calibration so that jumpers and trim-pots are no longer required for calibration, and the calibration data can be saved in the EEPROM for long-term use.

2. Individual channel configuration:
Each channel can be individually configured as either voltage or current output.

3. Card ID:
ICP DAS has also included an onboard Card ID switch on the PISO-DA4U that enables the board to be recognized via software if two or more boards are installed in the same computer.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.