PEX-D48 PCI Express, 48-ch Digital I/O Board


Key Features

  • PCI Express x1 Interface
  • Supports Card ID (SMD Switch)
  • Emulates two Industrial-standard 8255 PPI Ports (Mode 0)
  • DI/O Response Time approximately 2 μs (500 kHz Max.)
  • DO Provides Higher Driving Capability
  • One 16-bit Event Counter
  • 48 Buffered TTL Digital Input/Output Lines
  • Six 8-bit Bi-directional Input/Output Ports
  • One 32-bit Programmable Internal Timer
  • Pull-high/Pull-low Jumpers for DI Channels
  • Four Interrupt Sources


The ICP DAS  PEX-D48 board utilizes the PCI Express bus and is designed as an easy replacement for the ICP DAS PIO-D48/PIO-D48U/PIO-D48SU series without requiring any modification to either the software or the driver.

The PEX-D48 provides 48 buffered TTL Digital Input/Output lines, which are grouped into six 8-bit bi-directional ports: Port A (PA), Port B (PB) and Port C (PC). Port C can also be split into two nibble-wide (4-bit) segments. All ports are configured as input mode during power-on or after a reset.

The ICP DAS PEX-D48 also includes an onboard Card ID that enables the board to be easily recognised via software if two or more cards are installed in the same computer. The pull-high/low jumpers allow the DI status to be predefined instead of remaining floating if the DI channels are disconnected or line broken.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.