PET-7017 8-Ch Analog Input with High Voltage Protection & 4-Ch Isolated Digital Output Module


Key Features

  • Built-in Web Server & PoE function
  • Web HMI
  • Support for both Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP Protocols
  • Communication Security
  • 2-port Ethernet Switch for Daisy-Chain Topology
  • Dual Watchdog
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -25 ~ +75°C
  • I/O Pair Connection
  • Built-in I/O
    • AI: 8 Channels with 240 Vrms Over-voltage Protection
    • DO: 4 Channels


The ICP DAS PET-7017 (PoE) is a module with 8-channel differential analog inputs and 4-channel digital outputs. It provides programmable input range on all analog channels (+/-150 mV, +/-500 mV, +/-1 V, +/-5 V, +/-10 V, +/-20 mA, 0 ~ 20 mA and 4 ~ 20 mA) and digital output can be set alarm output with Short-circuit protection and overload protection.

Each analog channel is allowed to configure an individual range and has 240 Vrms high over-voltage protection. Each analog input can be programmed to accept voltage or current as input depending upon the position of corresponding jumper. The sampling rate of ICP DAS PET-7017 is changeable; there are fast mode and normal mode for your application. The ICP DAS PET-7017 also has qualification for 4 kV ESD protection and 2500 VDC intra-module isolation.