PCIe-LM4 PCI Express, 24-bit Precision Load Cell Input, Multi-function Motion Control Board


Key Features

  • PCI Express x1 Interface
  • Supports CardID (SMD Switch)
  • 4-channel Load Cell Transducer Input
    • 24-bit ADC with Max. 15 kS/s. Sampling Rate
  • 4 Differential general analog input Channels
    • 24-bit ADC with Max. 15 kS/s. Sampling Rate
  • 2-axis pulse output and encoder
    • Support mode CW/CCW, Pulse/DIR and EA/EB
  • 2-channel 16-bit analog output
  • 16-channel Isolated Digital Input
  • 16-channel Isolated Digital output


The ICP DAS PCIe-LM4 is a powerful multi-function board based on the PCI Express. Equipped with four Load Cell (strain gauge) input channels, four general analog input channels, a 2-axis motion controller, two analog output channels, sixteen isolated digital input channels and sixteen isolated digital output channels.

The PCIe-LM4 also adds a Card ID switch. Users can set Card ID on a board and recognise the board by the ID via software when using two or more PCIe-LM4 cards in one computer.

These cards support various OS versions, such a Windows 32/64-bit Windows 7/8/10. DLL together with various language sample programs based on Visual C++, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic, C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET and LabVIEW are provided in order to help users quickly and easily develop their own applications.

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.