P8R8DIO ISA Bus, 8-ch Isolated DI & Relay Output Board


Key Features

  • Relay output Channel
  • Isolated DI channels
  • AC/DC signal input ; AC signal input with filter
  • Connector pin assignment is compatible to 725 series
  • Power Requirements : 200 mA @ +5 V (max.) ; 260 mA @ +12 V (max.)
  • LED indicator for each relay output state


The ICP DAS P8R8 DIO is an 8 isolated input and 8 relay output interface board designed for control and sensing applications. This interface board is easily installed in any PC/AT/XT or compatible computer. The P8R8 DIO Provides 8 electromechanical relay outputs and 8 Isolated inputs. The P8R8 DIO can be used in various applications including load switching, external switching, and contact closure.


  • Factory Automation
  • Product Test
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Security Control

Lead time: 5-7 working days from receipt of order.