MDCL-705i Modbus Data Concentrator with Ethernet, RS-485 Serial Ports and Data Logger


Key Features

  • Support Modbus master/slave
  • Supports up to 8 simultaneous Modbus TCP connections
  • Up to 250 sets of Modbus RTU commands and built-in 9600 Modbus data registers
  • Support CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file configuration, easy to use and maintain
  • Built-in microSD memory card for storing Modbus data records
  • Each data can contain 120 parameters
  • The data record can support the ratio conversion function, which converts the original Modbus data into actual engineering units
  • Isolated RS-485 with 2500 VDC isolation voltage protection


The Modbus Data Concentrator is the ideal product for IIoT system integrators. The ICP DAS MDCL-705i is used to collect and store data from multiple Modbus slave devices over the serial communication interface and make the data available to back-end management system via Ethernet communication. In this way, conventional devices can be attached to a modern control system and through the Modbus TCP protocol easily communicates with most SCADA / HMI systems and PLCs. Thus the management system can poll the ICP DAS MDCL-705i for the data from several Modbus devices at once; making the process much more efficient.
The ICP DAS MDCL-705i can help you build a cost-effective data acquisition solution for reading real-time data from meters, sensors and more. The ability to integrate with SCADA systems and other industrial devices, and the reliable real-time data collection in combination with the data logger makes MDCL-705i one of the most cost-effective products of IIoT.

Modbus Data Concentrator
The MDCL-705i collects data using the Modbus RTU protocol to poll the data out of the device. For each data you want to retrieve, just define the Modbus RTU commands in a CSV file and import it via the web interface. The MDCL-705i can perform up to 250 polling definitions. Its internal shared memory has four tables (Coils, Discrete Input, Input Registers and Holding Registers) to store the polled data. Each table can store up to 9600 registers. It allows up to 8 simultaneous Modbus TCP connections to get the polled data at one time.

Stand-alone data logging capability
The MDCL-705i uses a periodic method to record user-specified Modbus register data. Each data can contain up to 120 parameters. The data records will be stored in the built-in microSD memory card in CSV file format and can be downloaded to the computer through the built-in web interface. Data viewing and data analysis can be performed using Microsoft Excel software or a plain text editor.