IoTstar-RC200 – IoT Cloud Management Software (Max. 200 controllers can be connected)


Key Features

  • IoT Cloud Management Software (Max. 500 controllers can be connected)
  • No more programming! Using Browsers to perform Remote Maintenance on WISE/PMC/PMD controllers
  • Integrated with VM (Virtual Machine) of the Public Cloud platform such as: Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix or Amazon AWS
  • Integrated with Windows system (Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server)
  • Enables the remote maintenance and firmware update on the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers
  • Collect the Historical and Real-Time sensor data (and Power data)
  • User can review the sensor data (and Power data) directly by the built-in IoTstar Web page interface.
  • The users can quickly setup the Data pool for their IoT system


IoTstar is a software developed by ICP DAS for use in remote monitoring and management of the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers in a variety of Industrial IoT applications. IoTstar can be installed on a general PC platform and works as a Private Cloud management system for the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, or on the VM (Virtual Machine) platform of Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix or Amazon AWS, etc. and works as a Public Cloud management system for the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers. In addition to providing remote maintenance and firmware update services on the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, IoTstar can also collect the I/O channel data and power data from the I/O modules (or Sensor) and Power Meter connected to the WISE/PMC/PMD, and then import these data into the Database to provide the services such as status query and display on the automation control and monitoring system in the Cloud environment.

With IoTstar, users can complete the system setting only by a few clicks on Web page, and perform the Remote Access (Status Monitoring, System Setting, and Firmware Update) and Data Service (Sensor data collected and imported into Database) operations for each WISE/PMC/PMD. Through the SQL database command, IoTstar can be quickly integrated with the Cloud platforms, data analysis tools (Power BI, Google Data Studio, etc.) or SCADA systems to help users quickly build the Cloud “IoT + Big Data” application and significantly reduce the time and cost for the implementation of Cloud “IoT + Big Data” application.