IKVM-210-16 16-Port Combo IP KVM Switch


Key Features

  • 1U rack-mount size and desktop design
  • Standalone machine controls up to 16 sets of computers
  • Up to 2 levels can be cascaded and up to 256 computers can be controlled
  • Front panel status LEDs give a clear indication of the active computers
  • Two-layer password security protection
  • DES, AES and 3DES for data encryption
  • Remotely control PC via TCP/IP and a built-in 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet port
  • High Video Quality: Resolution up to 2048 x 1536 (local side) or 1920 x 1080 (remote side)
  • Multiplatform support — Windows, Linux and Sun
  • Multibrowser support (IE, Chrome, Firefox)


Remotely Access your Servers from Anywhere
PLANET offers an ideal enterprise 16-port KVM switch solution for company server room or testing facilities. With the innovative IP-based technology, PLANET has turned the traditional KVM switches into true networking devices. The IKVM-210-16 captures, digitizes and compresses video signal, and then transmits it with keyboard and mouse signals through IP network. Multiple remote sites can monitor the same PC server simultaneously.

Multiple Operating Systems Supported
The IKVM-210-16 is the most cost-effective and simple solution for controlling a group of PCs in the network. Multiple computers can be managed via only one single set of monitor, keyboard and mouse directly. No software drivers or system configuration are required. iMac, Power Mac and Sun systems are also supported.

Remote Key Combination
You could set the multiple key combinations at IKVM Series. When you open IKVM software at remote client, you could use these key combinations to control these local PCs with a different OS via the internet.

Computer Switching
There are three convenient methods to access any computer connected to the installation:

  • Port select button
  • Hotkeys on keyboard
  • OSD (on screen display) at local client and remote client


Perceptive LED Display
You could check the computer status on the front LED of the IKVM-210-16. “Red” indicates that a computer is connected to the corresponding port and “Green” indicates that the computer connected to the corresponding port has focus.

Security Protection
The two-level password security only authorizes up to one user and an administrator with a separate profile for each user. Data encryption options include AES, DES and 3DES, and they can be selected for keyboard, mouse and video signals.

Powerful Mouse/Keyboard Support
In the present computer applications, a mouse has become an indispensable device. The IKVM-210-16 fully supports all models of PS/2 mice on the market. The KVM also supports the PS/2 keyboard port of code set 1/2/3 and further allows you to use the KVM for all kinds of servers, computers or their combination.