FEMA M60-LC-L Panel Meter for load cells, 6 digits 11-60Vdc and 24/48Vac, red colour


Key Features

  • Programmable panel meters 96x48mm (1/8 DIN standard)
  • 6 digits 999999 to -199999 with configurable decimal point
  • 85 to 265 Vac/dc or 11 to 60 Vdc and 24/48Vac power input
  • Up to 4 alarms, with 1 or 2 setpoints per alarm, hysteresis and activation delays
  • Up to 3 modules for signal retransmission and control (relays, analogue outputs, & serial communications)


The series M60 load cell panel meter has been designed for load cells and strain gauges for industrial applications. It is a versatile and reliable unit that accepts a wide range of reference signals.

Both “tare” and “auto-tare” functions can be configured for using when removing weight from the cell. Three configurable working modes with up to 60 acquisitions per second and noise rejection to 50 and 60 Hz.

Scalable readings from 999999 to -199999 with a configurable decimal point available.