FEMA B24-LC-L-R-0-0 Large display, 4 digits, 60mm for Load Cell, 11-36Vdc, red colour


Key Features

  • Display Serial ASCII messages
  • 4 or 6 digit options
  • 60 or 100mm digit height option
  • Panel, wall or hanging mounted
  • Large display for easy viewing
  • IP65 front panel


The B series Load Cell from FEMA can measure load cell signals and is a versatile and configurable instrument. It can provide an excitation voltage of 5Vdc or 10Vdc to power up to 8 standard 350 Ohm load cells.

The 100mm devices have a viewing distance of over 40m. This makes them ideally suited to industrial applications in paper mills, printing presses, assembly lines, or any other manufacturing sites where it is critical to read messages from distance. The rugged aluminium case makes the B series ideal for demanding environments, yet is equally suited for use in an office or exhibition.