CIM-CAT350TMF512GS 512GB Industrial CFast Card

Key Features

•Compliant with ATA command set
•3D TLC NAND flash memory
•Capacity: 64GB ~ 512GB
•End-to-End data protection
•SLC write cache technology
•Operating as boot disk
•Product includes Standard Temperature & Wide Temperature ranges
•Static and dynamic wear leveling
•Bad block management


Cervoz T350 Industrial CFast Cards are high capacity Solid State Flash Disks that complies with the CFast and SATA III standards. This CFast series design are based on the 7pin for data segment and 17pin for power and controller segment. The T350 CFast card series are in low profile form factor and fits in any systems with CFast slots.

The T350 series uses SSD grade quality 3D NAND flash memory from the industry leading manufacturer, Toshiba and includes both standard temperature range and wide temperature range options with various storage capacities for a vast range of industrial applications. The Cervoz’s firmware builds in a powerful ECC algorithm call Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) decoding to improve data reliability

The T350 series offers outstanding performance and reliability, which makes them a perfect solution for semi-industrial and high-capacity storage applications.

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Cervoz_Industrial_Memory Card_CFast_T350_Datasheet_Rev1.0