Darveen MBC Series Industrial Fanless Embedded PCs

The Darveen MBC series of industrial fanless embedded computers feature a cableless design, ensuring excellent resistance to vibrations and interferences. Its modular design, featuring a CPU board that plugs into an I/O board, not only reduces the time and cost required for product updates but also allows for easy customization to meet specific customer application needs.

The MBC series provides a wide range of I/O interfaces, including isolated COM, USB, GbE LAN, GPIO, DIO, as well as Mini PCIe and PCI/PCIe expansion slots for WiFi or other advanced expansions.

Our range of industrial fanless embedded computers are ruggedly designed to meet mission-critical applications with harsh environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, and protection from water splash and dust.

Our wide range of industrial fanless embedded computers come with a two year standard warranty period.

Lead time: 2-3 weeks from receipt of order.

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