Test your control panels without the need of a signal generator

OKSA Automation Limited offers a broad range of compact signal converters that are designed for a wide range of process automation and control applications.

The FEMA I3 and I4 series of signal converters share a set of features that makes them a powerful tool, which adds great values to any data acquisition solution; especially with the new ‘FORCE’ function for output signal generation.

Being able to generate an output signal without the need of input signal provides a series of advantages both during the construction of the control panels, at start-up, as well as in subsequent revisions and maintenance.

Does your control panels need functional verification during manufacturing process before delivering them to your customer? Perhaps, you may not have a signal generator in place to simulate your application? Fret not, the FEMA I3/I4 series equipped with ‘FORCE’ function can force the output signal of the signal converter without the need of a signal generator.

While the ‘FORCE’ function in the I3 series can generate signal at lower (‘Force Low’) and upper (‘Force High’) limits, the I4 series offers the ability to force any desired value. Users can then analyse the behavior of the events programmed at the remote PLC. Thanks to the ‘FORCE SET’ function (0/100% output signal), users can evaluate the response of their program in any situation.

Contact the OKSA technical team for more information about how the FEMA I3/I4 signal converters can be utilised in your process automation and control applications.