Strategic partnership with PLANET Technology, a global leading manufacturer of IP-based Networking products & solutions

PLANET Technology Corporation partners with OKSA Automation Limited to provide our customers with high quality network infrastructures for their IoT, IIoT and IoV applications.

PLANET Technology Corporation is a leading global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and network infrastructures of IoT, IIoT and IoV applications. PLANET Technology has been focusing on the R&D of the transmission-based network and communications solutions since its establishment in 1993.

This strategic partnership venture with PLANET Technology Corporation has enabled OKSA Automation Limited to expand its networking product portfolio to provide a leading edge industrial PoE switches, Ethernet switches, media converters, protocol converters, serial device servers, IP KVM switches and wireless & cellular gateways to our customers at competitive rates.

Contact our technical sales team via or 02039976277 for more information about our range of PLANET Technology networking products and solutions.