Modbus TCP to 2-port CAN FD Gateway

The ICP DAS ECAN-240-FD module is a Modbus TCP to 2-port CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) Gateway that provides communication via Modbus TCP industrial protocol. This gateway is equipped with two CAN bus interfaces which makes it suitable for a variety of CAN bus applications.

The Modbus TCP server function of ECAN-240-FD is used to implement communication between a CAN device and a Modbus TCP Client. When the ECAN-240-FD module acts as a Modbus TCP server, the Modbus TCP Client uses Modbus commands based on the CAN format in order to access the ECAN-240-FD module. The ECAN-240-FD then translates these commands into CAN format messages and send them to the CAN network. Similarly, when a CAN format message is received from the CAN network, the ECAN-240-FD translates the message into Modbus format, which can then be accessed using Modbus commands.

The CAN pair to peer connection feature of the ECAN-240-FD module enables faster communication between two ends of CAN network via Ethernet. This is implemented via UDP protocol for seamless communciation between devices.

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