Modbus TCP Server to M-Bus Master Gateway

OKSA Automation Limited offers a wide range of converters and fieldbus gateways for a vast range of applications across different industries.

Our latest addition is the ICP DAS GW-7838 Mobdus TCP Server to M-Bus gateway which allows the direct transmission of meter data to a control system via Modbus TCP/RTU protocol and also support upto 100 devices on the M-Bus newtwork.

The GW-7838 can be easily configured via the utility software provided which enables data to be read from meters autonomously.

Key Features:

  • Supports M-Bus standard: EN-13757, CJ/T -188
  • Supports Modbus TCP/RTU function code 0x03 and 0x04 to read Meter data
  • Default M-Bus port data format: Data bit 8, Parity Even, Stop bit 1
  • Supports up to 100 M-Bus slaves
  • M-Bus over current protection
  • Short-circuit protection on the M-Bus
  • Update firmware from serial port
  • Watchdog inside

Contact the OKSA sales team for more information about the GW-7838 Mobdus TCP Server to M-Bus gateway.