Industrial fanless computers for mission critical applications

OKSA Automation Limited now offers a wide range of industrial fanless computers that are designed for a variety of industrial applications.

Our range of industrial computers feature the latest generation Intel® iCore processors, supported by high bandwidth DDR4 memory, and a cableless design, ensuring excellent resistance to vibrations and interferences. Their modular design, featuring a CPU board that plugs into an I/O board, not only reduces the time and cost required for product updates but also allows for easy customisation to meet specific customer application needs.

These rackmount, embedded computers come with a wide range of I/O interfaces, including isolated COM, USB, GbE LAN, GPIO, DIO, and compact PCIe and PCI expansion slots for WiFi or other advanced expansions.

Our industrial computers are fanless, rugged and compact which makes them ideal for a range of space-critical applications in harsh environments with critical 24/7 operations. These industrial fanless computers are proven and trusted in a variety of industrial application including data acquisition, transportation, security, and automation.

Contact our technical sales team via or 02039976277 for more information about our range of industrial fanless computers.