Industrial 5G Gigabit Gateways

OKSA Automation Limited offers a series of Bivocom Industrial 5G cellular gateways that are equipped with 5-Gigabit Ethernet ports and several serial ports which can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of field equipment and sensors, and transfers the acquired data to the cloud server via 5G/4G LTE cellular network.


These compact IoT routers support industrial protocols including MQTT, Modbus RTU/TCP, TCP/UDP, JSON and VPN to provide users with efficient and secure IoT data connectivity between field devices and cloud servers. Optional dual sims/dual modules are available for applications that requires failover/load balance functions.


The Bivocom industrial 5G Gigabit gateways provide a robust and reliable wireless and wired connectivity for mission critical industrial applications including EV charging station, solar power, tunnelling, smart cities, digital signage, vending machines and ATM.


Contact the OKSA Automation team for more information about the Bivocom Industrial 5G Gigabit gateways.