High Resolution 16-bit Strain Gauge EtherCAT Module

OKSA Automation Limited announce the launch of the ECAT-2016-3 EtherCAT Module.

The ECAT-2016-3 is an EtherCAT I/O module that is equipped with 3 channel analog input with 16-bit resolution that allows direct connection of a resistor bridge. This compact I/O EtherCAT module can be easily integrated with SCADA applications using a daisy chain connection via the dual RJ45 ports and support network topology such as star, line or ring.

The isolated input and output feature protects the ECAT-2016-3 module from harmful interface and environment. The ECAT-2016-3 has been tested and validated by the conformance test tool to ensure eligible EtherCAT Master or configuration can be easily manipulated and implemented with various industrial applications.