FEMA MBR Bar Graph Panel Meters for Process Signals

OKSA Automation Limited launch the FEMA MBR Bar Graph panel meters.

Applications such as filling of silos, line speeds and tachometry are likely to not require an accurate numerical value. The personnel who checks for this value may not be interested in knowing that there are 4,838 liters in the tank. But they are more interested in knowing if it is half empty, or almost full.

The same applies for balanced applications with respect to a central point, or even vibrations. These applications are where the FEMA MBR series offers a quick and intuitive bar reading format. Instantly, the user get the information they need, and they will see if the tank is full or almost full, if the user have room to increase the line speed.

The MBR series has 96×48 mm form factor and can be installed both vertically and horizontally. It works with different signals including potentiometric, standard process signals 0/20 mA, 4 / 20mA and 0/10 Vdc and bipolar +/- 20mA and +/- 10 Vdc. It also incorporates special functions for this type of signal such as the Measure function that will allow you to know the value of the received signal, or the Field Correction function, which will allow you to adapt to the real signals existing in each installation.

Easily configurable via menu, the MBR series has different output and control options such as alarm relays or analog output for safe and isolated retransmission.

Contact the OKSA team for more information about FEMA MBR Bar Graph panel meters.