FEMA I4F isolated signal converter

The FEMA I4F is an isolated signal converter that is easily configurable, versatile and reliable for industrial applications at a low price. Its main characteristic is its versatility and the customisation option for applications.

Combined with a configurable 4/20mA or 0/10Vdc output for frequency, impulses, RPM speed and flow signals. Configurable to work with NPN, PNP, Pick-up, Namur, mechanical contact, reed contact and other sensors.

The FEMA I4F has dedicated input to measure frequency from AC voltage up to 600 Vac and equipped with universal power supply 18 to 265 Vac / dc, multi-input and easily configurable through configuration codes. Additional utilities such as the “Force” function to force the output to high and low values, the “SOS” mode, the configuration of messages on the screen to locally monitor the input and output signals, and the password function to access the configuration.

The FEMA I4F accepts a wide range of frequency ranges from 1 Hertz up to 1 MHertz with minimum workable signal of 100 milliHertz and resolution of 1 milliHertz.

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