Compact, versatile dual channel isolated CAN/CAN FD signal repeater

The ICP DAS I-7531-FD CAN signal repeater is now available at OKSA Automation Limited.

This compact, versatile dual channel isolated CAN/CAN FD signal repeater is designed to connect two or more CAN network with the same baud rate, enabling users to easily implement tree or star CAN network topology in their applications.

For applications that requires multiple devices on the same CAN network, the I-7531-FD signal repeater guarantees the CAN signal to drive more CAN devices. In addition, the I-7531-FD features digital isolation 2500Vrms at the CAN side, and  3000V DC-DC isolation protection at the CAN and the power side, which effectively isolate any noise interference in the CAN network for reliable and guaranteed commnication.

Key Features:

  • Supported CAN specification 2.0A/B and CAN FD
  • Fully compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard
  • Detected CAN bus baud rate automatically
  • Maximum baud rate of 8000 kbps supported


Contact our technical sales team via or 02039976277 for more information about the ICP DAS I-7531-FD isolated CAN/CAN FD signal repeater.