A new line of FEMA Signal Converters

OKSA proudly announce the launch of FEMA IE4 signal converter with advanced features.

This fully configurable signal converter allow the measurement of signal in AC or DC voltage with ranges from 0/50mV to 0/600V, AC/DC current from 0/5mA to 0/5A and network frequency input of upto 100Hz and outputs a 4/20mA or 0/10VDC process signal.

The FEMA IE4 signal converter can be powered via AC or DC voltage value between 18-265VAC/DC and offers high isolation of 3000VDC between the input circuit, output and power. The front display can be configured to easily access maintenance information such as input signal value, percentage of signal over full scale, output signal, process values or customisable labels.

This signal converter can be easily configured via the front button panel without the need of programming or coding; the compact design and din rail mounting features allow easily deployment into electrical cabinets. The IE4 is ideal for a vast range of industrial applications including process control, factory automation, system integration and industrial automation.