A compact PWM output module ideal for HVAC applications

The ICP DAS M-6088-32 provides 32-channel PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Output. This compact module can be used to develop powerful and cost-effective analog control systems. PWM is a powerful technique for controlling analog circuits that uses the digital output to generate a waveform with a variable duty cycle and frequency which can then be used to control an analog circuit in applications such as controlling the position, the speed of motors, the brightness of lamps, or the speed of fans.

The M-6088-32 support Modbus RTU and the DCON protocols and operates in either burst mode or continuous mode depending on the application. The external power allows the load voltage to be increased from +5 to +40 V for the 32-channels PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output.

This module offers a cost-effective solution for integrating with existing applications such as automated manufacturing, building management and control. The compact design coupled with the Din-rail mountable feature makes the M-6088-32 module an ideal solution for HVAC applications.