The ICP DAS TouchPad (TPD) series is an ideal solution for HVAC applications

The ICP DAS TouchPad (TPD) series is an ideal solution for HVAC applications.

Compared to traditional control panels, the TPD series has unique features including 2.8” touch screen display, DCON/Modbus protocol, C/Ladder language, and RS-485 & Ethernet interface, which enable users to quickly integrate the TPD series into their PLC and HMI systems.

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A compact signal conditioner for accelerometer sensors

The SG-3037-G triaxial signal conditioner for voltage (accelerometer) output is now available at OKSA.

The ICP DAS SG-3037 triaxial signal conditioner is equipped with 3-channel analog inputs that directly connects to aceleremeter sensors, and then converts the signal measured into analog voltage output.

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High Resolution 16-bit Strain Gauge EtherCAT Module

The ECAT-2016-3 is an EtherCAT I/O module that is equipped with 3 channel analog input with 16-bit resolution that allows direction connection of a resistor bridge. This compact I/O EtherCAT module can be easily integrated with SCADA applications using a daisy chain connection via the dual RJ45 ports and support network topology such as star, line or ring. 

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Ethernet I/O module with 2-port Ethernet switch & True RMS input

The ET-7217RMS/PET-7217RMS is a high accuracy and RMS-to-DC converter which can compute the true RMS value of any complex waveform. These multifunction modules are equipped with 8 differential AC Input channels and 4 Digital Output channels. The RMS input range can be selected for each channel from +150 mVrms to +10 Vrms, and each channel can be configured individually.

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IIoT Ethernet Switch with PoE function

The iNS-306 is a 6-Port IIoT switch that support Power-over-Ethernet on ports 1 to 4. This switch is classified as power source equipment (PSE), and when used in this way, the iNS-306 PoE switch enable centralisation of the power supply; providing up to 30 Watts. Also, the iNS-306 can be used to power IEEE 802.3af/at standard devices (PD).

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