FEMA ISC-HZ-6 Frequency transmitter, 24Vdc power


Key Features

  • Frequency up to 50kHz
  • Voltage and current (mA) output ranges
  • Optimised for 12-bit systems
  • Provides 15Vdc for sensor excitation
  • Mains or DC power variations
  • Galvanic isolation to 3500V


The FEMA ISC-HZ-6 is an isolated signal converter for frequency signals, for all type of industrial applications. Reliable and easy to use, this instrument is provided calibrated from factory for the the specific input and output signals desired.

Accepts different ranges from 40Hz up to 50KHz. Generates process output signals such as 4/20mA, 0/10Vdc and others.Provides excitation voltage at +15Vdc to power up transducers.

This instrument features a 3 way isolation between input, output and power. The isolation provided is recommended to protect PLC inputs and remote instrumentation against overvoltages, ground loops, and electrical spurious.